35mm Slides, A Legacy

The featured image is a picture of my grandfather holding two great big Catfish. The photo was taken by my grandmother. The photo is from a collection of 35mm slides given to me by my grandfather five months prior to his death. He also gave me the slide projector, and screen. The slides were all originally in dozens of carousels, which were cumbersome to store, though I have some of them. At that time, my wonderful husband purchased for me an expensive Epson Scanner/Printer. You know how those work, if the ink runs out, the scanner won’t function. Eventually, not only did the ink run out, repeatedly, but the pads were saturated to the point of deterioration and replacement parts were impossible to find as technology had moved on. As was my mission, I was able to get most of the pictures of people, old family photos, scanned and I shared them all, sending photo discs, to family. But there were hundreds of slides left unscanned.

Over the course of the last year, I began thinking about the unscanned slides and realized that they aren’t just old family photos or old vacation photos, there are images that are a matter of some historical significance in that they are of a particular time. I determined to get a new scanner for 35mm slides and old negatives, and now I have one.

I don’t intend to share a myriad of personal old family photos, but if there’s something interesting in the mix, I’ll load that up. They often bought souvineir slides as well, and some of those are kind of neat to see. I wanted to share the photo of my grandfather as this was his legacy to me, this was his hobby, besides fishing. This will be quite the undertaking, in addition to my writing, but it will be a worthwhile one.



Indio Date Festival, 1967

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