Heart Over Mind

If you listen to your heart, you’ll be fine,
it will never steer you wrong.
The problems are always all in your mind,
for it has to go wandering along.

It pokes, and it prods, and it takes things apart,
it often thinks just what it shouldn’t,
your mind can make you doubt what you feel in your heart,
for it doubts just what your heart wouldn’t.

Your mind is all logic, seeing what’s real,
it takes from your heart and tries to fix it,
but your mind doesn’t always understand what your heart can feel,
and you’d be okay if you just wouldn’t mix it.

Oh, but we humans we do this,
And we cause ourselves much needless worry.
If we followed our hearts life might be bliss,
but our minds are in one big damn hurry.

Your mind has to insist on what it sees as right,
what your heart feels it speaks softly to you,
your mind and your heart constantly fight,
and they do it just to confuse you.

Your heart always feels the right thing to do,
but if your mind doesn’t like it, forget it.
You’re constantly torn between the two,
Yet either could win if only you’d let it.




I don’t know how true any of that is.
I wrote this poem thirty-some years ago. ~ TS

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