Autumn’s Crossing

The weather has begun its turn,

As once green leaves begin to burn,

Into an Autumn fantasy of flames,

Whispering long-forgotten names,


Walking in the rain, on bare feet,

Dancing to a tin roof beat,

Moonlight on a private stage,

Romance laced dreams and so much rage.


Rose petal wines, subtle stares,

Knights riding high on devilโ€™s dares,

A princess in the tower cries,

Only to the windโ€™s own lonely sighs.

What does the dungeon prisoner hear?

As he lies wrapped within his fear?

While the king rambles on in forgotten tongues,

Stealing air from other lungs.


In a ramshackle castle, my true love waits,

While lightning converses with the fates,

All twisted Autumnโ€™s Crossing, in the night,

As Summers do fade, in tired fight.


From Red Line Wine

photo: Hunter’s Moon, October 2018

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