Teri Skultety is a poetess. Her poetry ranges from the lyrical and rhyming to free-from and abstract verse. Additionally, she writes fiction and the occasional essay. Her work has been included in anthologies and published on the web with Thunderdome, Juked, Solarcide, Phantasmagorium, Punchnelโ€™s, SYWZine, Out of the Gutter Online, and The Society of Classical Poets.

Teri has Still’s Disease and does her best to make the most of every day. She believes in the redemptive, restorative, power of literature, of poetry, in the value of storytelling. When she isn’t writing, Teri has an interest in photography. Teri makes her home in California’s Central Valley with her husband, listening to the lullaby of the trains echoing the song of her soul in the night.




This is a link to her Official Webpage, where you may read more of her work.



I write to dream.
I write to understand.
I write to rid myself of the poison.
– Teri Skultety

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