Got Freedom?

Do you live in a free country? Think about thanking God, and a Veteran. Has anyone in your family ever served in the military, fought in a war? Have you ever listened to their firsthand stories of what it was like, of what they went through, and what it meant? I heard my grandfather's stories... Continue Reading →

The Reaper

I am the soul of November, Wandering down through the days, Reclaiming the ground for the Winter, to be born again in the Spring, In nights that grow ever colder, In skies filled with clouds full of rain, I am the soul of November, Changing the landscape again. Dreaming curled up near the fire, Sleeping... Continue Reading →

I Believe

Each moment that I live and breathe, I believe, Yes, I believe, In caterpillars and butterflies, In thunderstorms and clear blue skies, I believe in angels strong, who guard me when the night grows long And I believe in a love divine that lingers in this heart of mine, To heal my dreams and keep... Continue Reading →

My Roots

My roots were deeper than the roots of any other tree. My roots were deeper than the roots that anyone could see. My roots were deeper than the roots and I waited patiently, For him to come and sit with me, If only for a spell, To bring me stories from the world, And secrets... Continue Reading →


Psalm Lead us into hands That will care for us and keep us safe Onto paths that know the way, When we are lost and cannot find it on our own, Keep us in the light, Or light the dark we wander in Enough to see, Save our souls from lingering Too long in places... Continue Reading →

Santa Cruz, California

One of the great things about living in the Central Valley is being only about two to three hours from a lot of pretty great destinations. One of my favorite places is Santa Cruz, California. On a good day, no traffic, well, we've managed to get there in less than two hours. The first time... Continue Reading →

Evening is the Color of a Soul

    When times are dark, I hope we can let it make us stronger. I hope we can let it make us better, not bitter. I hope we can keep from pulling apart and learn to heal to together. I hope we can remember everything we have in common, as human beings, and rise... Continue Reading →

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