This time of year… Better Than Ezra I've been incredibly busy lately. Hoping to get to writing in the next couple of days. Better Than Ezra's "Deluxe" is one of my all-time favorite albums. This is a great song about this time of year. TS   Featured Image: Roots and Autumn Leaves, Teri Skultety

Photographs and Memories I've been a Jim Croce fan all my life. This is music my mother introduced me to. We'd listen to records while we did chores. I've mentioned that my upbringing wasn't a particularly happy one, but it wasn't all bad, there were moments that were amazing, poignant, joyful. There is "good and bad" in... Continue Reading →

Pray Your Gods This song is like a dirge in some regard, perhaps not particularly "happy" a tune. One must learn to appreciate that without letting it take you down. It is, however, a beautiful poem. The lyrics paint a story. I can see the lover making his appeal to his beloved. "Pray your gods who ask... Continue Reading →

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