The Art of Distraction

Darling dears, oh how they trouble me
with all this nonsense and effrontery
to every single sensibility
to act as though we’re wedded to a cause
without the mind to question what it was
that brought us to this mess where we’ve arrived
and how it was that ever though we thrived
for times were better once than they are now
and times were worse, though some do not know how
or understand the history of the thing
and so sold the gold to buy the diamond ring
and screaming all the while to eat the rich
I’ve got to go and fill my candy dish
they say we’ve got to care and yet rise up
do they know that would mean we’d break their cup?
How do we undo all the damage that they’ve done?
They’re giving up their freedoms one by one,
wasting time on causes long since won,
they talk of issues that were handed down
they fight their parent’s fights and damn near drown
in politics and issues decades old
seeing not the thin facade that they’ve been sold,
next week they’ll burn their bras, protest the draft
and conjure Gerry G. back from the dead
still saying damn the man, they and piss and moan
while clawing over one another to the throne
on and on and on and on they drone
look at this great-good game that they talk
they’ve argued all the way around the block
and carried just the flags they were allowed
these things are the accepted things to bitch about.




“Man forms himself in his own interior and nowhere else.” – Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire







Photo: Man Walking on the Beach, Half Moon Bay, 2014
Teri Skultety

Pray Your Gods

This song is like a dirge in some regard, perhaps not particularly “happy” a tune. One must learn to appreciate that without letting it take you down. It is, however, a beautiful poem. The lyrics paint a story. I can see the lover making his appeal to his beloved.

“Pray your gods who ask you for your blood,
For they are strong and angry jealous ones,
or lay upon my altar now your love…”


I’ve realized that the lens through which I view the world, is poetry.



featured photo, Sacred Heart of Jesus candle, February 2018
Teri Skultety



Lead us into hands

That will care for us and keep us safe

Onto paths that know the way,

When we are lost and cannot find it on our own,

Keep us in the light,

Or light the dark we wander in

Enough to see,

Save our souls from lingering

Too long in places where we shouldnโ€™t be,

If it were possible to be such places,

Gently bring us back

From edges weโ€™ve been lured to

From lies we hoped too long were true,

Open up our eyes that we might see the beauty

Of the heart

Broken down the middle clean

Stripped of artifice, laid bare and lean,

Exposed in sentience for a world to better know

The soul that dwells within

Lend us the courage to grasp

Whatever threads are left to us,

Of gossamer, of silver fine, quick spun,

A life of shadow finally in the sun,

Each of us a part of One,

Returning to the source,

Let us hope and hope to find,

The bitter root can still be sweet,

In memories of better dreams to keep.




The space that held the first word you ever gave me,

is a prayer.


from ‘Gold Mine’

Evening is the Color of a Soul



When times are dark, I hope we can let it make us stronger. I hope we can let it make us better, not bitter. I hope we can keep from pulling apart and learn to heal to together. I hope we can remember everything we have in common, as human beings, and rise above our differences to find ways to co-exist in peace, because that is how we make it.