The Photographers: Ansel Adams

The featured image has been dubbed “Moonrise, Hernandez” and was taken by Ansel Adams in Hernandez, New Mexico, on November 1, 1941. Ansel Adams is a photographer that I’m just beginning to learn about, though I am somewhat familiar with a few of his more famous photographs, like “Moonrise.” It is a stunning image, one that is, I think, in many ways the kind of photo every landscape photographer hopes to take. Plus, I am somewhat obsessed with photographing the moon, so it’s all there happening in that photo. It’s just beautiful, the church, the cemetery, the modest buildings in the middle of all that space. I love this picture.

There’s another of Ansel Adam’s photographs that I’m familiar with; this one has been titled “Monolith, Face of Half Dome,” and it was taken in Yosemite in 1927. It is the photo that is said to have launched Adams’ career as a professional photographer.


Monolith, the Face of Half Dome, 1927, Ansel Adams


I’m familiar with this photograph because one afternoon my husband and I were out and about, and we spied a yardsale closing up shop, and there was a big, black and white, framed print sitting there that they hadn’t sold. I said to the guy, “What do you want for that?” He said, “Oh, I don’t know, fifty cents.” So now that print is hanging on our wall. I just thought it was cool. But I kept looking at it and thinking it looked familiar. It’s an Ansel Adams print. It has a tiny scratch that the face of Half Dome hides very well. Best yard sale find ever, so far.


You can read more about Ansel Adams and his work at The Ansel Adams Gallery page, and there are also two Ansel Adams Instagram accounts, one here, and here.

I think Ansel Adams’ mastery of black and white photography is phenomenal. Enjoy!


Harvest Moon

This is one of my favorite BOC songs.

About the “Harvest Moon” at the Old Farmer’s Almanac.





featured photo, Harvest Moon 2018, Teri Skultety

The Moon

I’ve been known to take a photograph of the moon now and then. Someone said long ago, I read it or heard it somewhere, that a good photographer can take a good photograph with any camera. I don’t know how true that is but I’ve kind’ve been testing it out ever since. The moon, however, is an ever elusive subject. The moon is magic. I don’t know that I worry over whether the photos I take of the moon are “good” or not. It’s a fun subject to try to photograph and I’ve given myself a few good laughs with my endless attempts at capturing the essence of the moon. Sometimes I think it’s better that I don’t ever quite get a photograph that can compare to seeing it with the naked eye. The moon, looks better in person. – TS