The Reaper

I am the soul of November, Wandering down through the days, Reclaiming the ground for the Winter, to be born again in the Spring, In nights that grow ever colder, In skies filled with clouds full of rain, I am the soul of November, Changing the landscape again. Dreaming curled up near the fire, Sleeping... Continue Reading →


I had bailed out on all social media for a while. I needed to reevaluate some things and take a minute. Creatively speaking it can be draining to be putting a lot of content out there, I needed to find my equilibrium with replenishing my well, so to speak. I love taking pictures. I missed... Continue Reading →

The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter I am the scarlet letter, drunken harlot, effigy. I am the distant harbor, and the present misery. I am the soul of understanding, and the self-indulgent dream. I am not the perfect people, or their technicolor stream, of solace ever ending, in their limitated thoughts. I am not the bitter harvest, Or... Continue Reading →

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