The Reaper

I am the soul of November, Wandering down through the days, Reclaiming the ground for the Winter, to be born again in the Spring, In nights that grow ever colder, In skies filled with clouds full of rain, I am the soul of November, Changing the landscape again. Dreaming curled up near the fire, Sleeping... Continue Reading →

Autumn’s Crossing

The weather has begun its turn, As once green leaves begin to burn, Into an Autumn fantasy of flames, Whispering long-forgotten names,   Walking in the rain, on bare feet, Dancing to a tin roof beat, Moonlight on a private stage, Romance laced dreams and so much rage.   Rose petal wines, subtle stares, Knights... Continue Reading →

With All Fine Corpses

With All Fine Corpses Autumn has come, With all fine corpses masquerading in the folds, Of her steady winds as they ride cool, Through the night. At her building breath, The trees shedding their fading endowment, Of a Season past. She is present now, In all her fired splendor, In all her rain-soaked ash, Her... Continue Reading →


Stoicism Beneath the layers of the artifice of years, The ego, The tough exterior that isnโ€™t, Or, wasnโ€™t. The chip off the old block On my shoulder, I am truly Sweetness. My rebellion broken With my realization Of my pain And the release Of my anger. The shrew barely tamed, And renamed. Though some rebellions,... Continue Reading →

I Believe

Each moment that I live and breathe, I believe, Yes, I believe, In caterpillars and butterflies, In thunderstorms and clear blue skies, I believe in angels strong, who guard me when the night grows long And I believe in a love divine that lingers in this heart of mine, To heal my dreams and keep... Continue Reading →

Moments, The Top of the World

The place in these photos is known to many of us who grew up in the valley as "The Top of the World." Once upon a time, it wasn't exactly a secret but everyone didn't necessarily know about it either. From the Top of the World, you can see all the lights of the towns... Continue Reading →

The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter I am the scarlet letter, drunken harlot, effigy. I am the distant harbor, and the present misery. I am the soul of understanding, and the self-indulgent dream. I am not the perfect people, or their technicolor stream, of solace ever ending, in their limitated thoughts. I am not the bitter harvest, Or... Continue Reading →

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